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(Photo courtesy of Harry Wade)

Happy Valentine’s Day.

The day of romance. Cards. Candy. Flowers. I love you.

Today is a celebration of what according to the Oxford Dictionary says is an “intense feeling of deep affection” or...

“a great interest and pleasure in something.” It’s about love. As in “babies fill parents with feelings of love” or “we were falling in love” or “give her my love” or “we share a love of music” or “she was the love of his life” or “I love that little fishing pond.” Love is that feeling that blows warm fuzzies into your soul and hugs your heart with both arms.

So. Hold on. Bear with me.

I’m trying to get from the Valentine’s Day greeting at the beginning of this story to my intended ramblings of enjoying free range tourism in Logan County.


Oh, yes, it’s a stretch bigger than the dark sky on a clear February night in northeastern Colorado. But, I’m going to do it. I’m stretching it as far as the imaginary elastic will stretch. Therefore, here I am, on Valentine’s Day, mentally meandering around some of the places that I love in our so-called neck of the woods. Roaming freely. Loving the simple beauty in our snippets of nature. Because, remember? Along with all the touchy/feely/kissy stuff, love also equals a great interest and pleasure in something.

And somedays, I really have a great interest and pleasure in some of the amazing things to do and see and experience in Logan County. Like that darling little fishing pond. It’s a perfect place to roam freely.

If you’ve been to touristy places, raise your hand. Yes, we all have. We’ve all been to – and even loved – the places to where you drive in bumper to bumper traffic, where you have to park a mile away from the front door, where you have to stand in line holding your children’s hands or your belongings or your bladder for hours. Surely that great touristy place is worth every hassle, but not all great spots include a big price tag and even bigger crowds. There are other great spots in other corners.

The Colorado Tourism Office also realizes the potential of unique experiences and the importance of driving visitation to all parts of the state. Their recent Colorado Tourism Roadmap Initiative is intended to drive traveler spending through promotion and development of compelling, sustainable travel experiences throughout our four-corner state. Even – or should I say, especially – to places like Logan County.

My travel blogger friend Harry found something special when he visited Sterling recently and this is what he had to say:

“When visiting Colorado, one might lean more towards visiting Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde, or the Great Sand Dunes. This over an expedition to Sterling and Logan County. True enough, those locations offer incredible vistas, hiking, and history – but they won’t offer you authenticity like Sterling. Logan County’s motto isroam freely, and that’s exactly what you do, when you visit.”

I think he loved it here! And who wouldn’t? There’s so much to explore, experience and enjoy here. Maybe we just need a little reminder now and then.

Did you know that Logan County includes two state wildlife areas (Jumbo and Prewitt) and one state park (North Sterling) that has 3,000 surface acres of water and an additional 2,800 acres of recreational land?

Did you know that Sterling alone has 60 acres of parks?

Did you know there were at least nine ranch and stage stations in Logan County along the Overland Trail in the mid to late 1880s?

Did you know that the new Logan County Shooting Sports Complex features both a 600-yard range and a 1,000-yard range?

Did you know the Downtown Sterling Historic District features 54 buildings which pay tribute to the culture and spirit of the community?

And there’s so much more.

So stay tuned as we explore Logan County and enjoy some free range tourism. Oh yeah, we even have our own hashtag - #RoamFreely.

And Happy Valentine’s Day! Because, you know, we’re talking about love today.


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