3 Reasons to Visit Logan County

Of all the paths you take in life,

make sure a few of them are dirt.

-John Muir

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Get out of the city for more road and less traffic in rural Logan County.

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1. If you're looking to forge your own path, pick up a county map at the Logan County Visitor Center and set out on any of our rural roads. Some are paved, some are gravel, and some are shared with farm equipment.

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2. The bonuses to cycling - including physical health benefits of cycling, mental health benefits of cycling, and an almost guaranteed broadening of your social circle - are as numerous as the beautiful roads you can find. Find designated routes here https://trails.colorado.gov/, including an easy pathway in Sterling's Pioneer Park.

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3. If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, you can find a variety of hiking trails to enjoy at North Sterling State Park or along the South Platte River on the east side of Sterling.

Riding a bicycle on the road

·         Bicycles are vehicles and bicyclists have the right to ride on the road.

·         Obey all traffic signs, signals and right of way rules. Only a handful of Colorado communities allow people on bikes to treat stop signs as yield signs and red lights as stop signs.

·         Ride with the flow of traffic, unless you are in a designated contraflow bike lane.

·         Yield to pedestrians.

·         Use hand signals 100 ft. before turning, merging or stopping if you can do so while safely operating your bike.

·         Beginning at dusk or when visibility is poor, use at minimum a white front light, red rear reflector and side reflectors.

·         Bicyclists may ride side-by-side when not impeding the normal flow of traffic. In some situations, riding two abreast can be helpful to increase your visibility and reduce the passing time for drivers.

·         Ride in the right third of the lane serving your direction of travel when it feels safe. Use the full lane at any time to avoid obstacles, to be more visible, to prepare for a left turn or to discourage drivers from passing when it is not safe. You may also leave the right side of the lane if you are overtaking a slower-moving vehicle or riding on a one-way road.

·         Check your local ordinances for whether it is legal to ride on sidewalks in your community. Where sidewalk riding is legal, bicyclists on sidewalks have the same rights and responsibilities as pedestrians and must ride with caution for the safety of pedestrians and to stay alert for drivers when crossing driveways, alleys and crosswalks.

·         People on bikes have the right of way in a bike lane, and bike lanes extend through intersections, regardless of whether or not they are painted through the intersection.

·         Ride defensively, stay visible and be prepared to react. It’s important never to assume that a driver sees you.

·         Scan regularly while riding, particularly before turning, changing lanes and navigating intersections.

·         Ride in the street where you are most visible and use caution on sidewalks and crosswalks where legal.

·         Ride in the center of the lane when there are obstacles to the right, to discourage passing in narrow lanes or to increase visibility through intersections.

·         Ride outside of a bike lane if your safety is compromised by its condition or orientation.

·         Give yourself space to be seen between and next to cars.

·         Leave room alongside parked cars and when passing driveways to avoid opening doors or drivers pulling out.

·         Maintain a straight line as you ride and avoid weaving.

·         Avoid lane-splitting.

·         Attempt to make eye contact if conditions allow.

·         When you feel uncomfortable riding, dismount and walk your bike.

·         You may choose to go above and beyond to help drivers see you with additional lights, bright colors, reflective gear, mirrors or front/rear cameras.

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