Blaze a Trail Through History on Your Spring Break Road Trip

Get ready for an epic spring break adventure as you hop in the car and trace the footsteps of Colorado pioneers! Make a must-stop pitstop in Sterling, CO, where you can relax, treat yourself to mouthwatering cuisine, and discover the perfect hideaway to recharge for the next exciting leg of your journey. 

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Roam the Historic Overland Trail

Embark on a thrilling journey through history along the legendary Overland Trail! From the glittering gold rush in California to the rugged peaks of Colorado, this trail was the lively "superhighway" of the high plains, bustling with miners, fur traders, settlers, and indigenous peoples. Dive into the legacy of these brave adventurers with a scenic rural drive through Logan County, where the South Platte Section of the Overland Trail once stretched. Picture yourself standing at the very spots where stagecoach passengers paused for hearty meals of buffalo, antelope, and the comforting flavors of biscuits, coffee, and dried apple pie - some of the sites are marked! 

Traverse the route via 1-76, journeying through the majestic sand hills, or opt for the picturesque US Hwy 6 and US Hwy 138, winding through charming small towns that still proudly display their early buildings. And don't forget to soak in the breathtaking views along the river at Tamarack Ranch State Wildlife Area or along County Road 370, where the echoes of wagon drivers battling the elements still linger, offering a glimpse into a bygone era. Click here for a brochure.

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Discover Historical Logan County Schools

While you’re on the road, take a quick journey through Logan County's educational past. Delve into the late 1800s, where the region's first county schools, crafted from sod, stood as vital centers for homesteaders. Today, adventurous travelers can hop on a thrilling driving tour to unearth the locations of eight pioneering institutions, each adorned with monumental markers. Imagine the resonance of school bells, audible for miles, and the communal effort of fetching water from nearby farms. For some students, attendance wasn't governed by traditional calendars, but rather by the ebb and flow of the corn harvest season. For other students, the journey to school often involved a horseback ride, with trusty steeds housed in the schoolyard barns during the day. These stories of grit and ingenuity offer a poignant glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of Logan County's early settlers. Click here for a brochure.

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Delve into the Carara Collection at the Logan County Courthouse

Once you’re in Sterling, step into the historic Logan County Courthouse! This architectural gem, gracing the National Register of Historic Places since 1979, exudes Renaissance Revival charm with its intricate corner quoining and elegant cornice. But the real magic awaits inside, where you'll encounter the enchanting Carara Collection. Marvel at ten mesmerizing paintings by artist Eugene Carara, each a window into the early life of Logan County, vividly illustrating the trials and triumphs of its community. Experience the harsh realities faced by cattlemen battling blizzards in northeast Colorado, and feel the anguish of the Cheyenne people during the unforgiving winters of the 1860s, compounded by the disappearance of the once-thriving bison population. Learn about the heroic Battle of Summit Springs, where a young boy's sacrifice saved countless Cheyenne lives. Come explore these rich narratives, and more, and immerse yourself in the tales of Logan County's past! 

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Step into Yesteryear at the Overland Trail Museum

Stretch your legs in Sterling, and prepare to be dazzled by the magic of the Overland Trail Museum! Discover the rich history of the Overland Trail as you wander through an enchanting replica of an old fort. Explore authentic artifacts, memorabilia, and collections that bring early prairie life to vivid reality. From charming historic buildings like schools and general stores to exciting activities like gold panning for kids, each visit offers a unique glimpse into Colorado's fascinating past. And don't miss the two-headed calf! Yes, you heard us correctly! 

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This blog was made possible through a grant from Visit Colorado.

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